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Windows Wallpaper Rotator  v.1.02

A little tool that automatically cycles through your photo collection setting the desktop wallpaper at a user definable interval. Features - Add a selection of your favourite wallpapers and have them automatically cycled at a specific interval. -

Windows Wallpaper Changer  v.32

This application takes some directories or a list of files that are applied to the Windows desktop. They are changed by interval, day time, or once a session. The images are resized to the screens resolution to fit the dimensions. It uses the jdic

ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar  v.6

ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar is FREE software that brings a new image to your desktop once a week. In addition to using your own images as Windows wallpaper, the new ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar changer delivers a stunning, high-resolution


PaperSelect comes as an advanced yet simple to handle Windows wallpaper browser and chooser. Besides standard Windows bitmaps, it also lets you use GIF and JPEG files, so you can use your favorite web background on your Windows

WorldClock  v.5.46 B5.4.6.0

WorldClock is an attractive and easy to use desktop time tool which includes timesync, timezone, calendar, alarm, wallpaper and weather features. WorldClock's primary purpose is to get the current local time for any area of the world simply by

Dolomites Screen Sa  v.ver 1.1

Screen Saver with original,astonishing photos of Dolomites. Wonderful landscapes of italian mountains. The screen saver has smooth transition effects and other user selectable

Fire In The Sky Screen Sa  v.ver 1.1

Screen Saver with original astonishing photos of Sunsets and Burning Skies complete with transition effects and user customizable options. Images can also be set as desktop

Snow of Winter Screen Sa  v.ver 1.1

Screen Saver with Original Winter pictures. Snow, ice, mountains and other winter scenes. The screen saver has smooth transition effects and other user selectable

Tranquillity Sky Screen Sa  v.ver 1.1

Screen Saver with original astonishing photos of Skies and Clouds complete with transition effects and user selectable options. Images can also be set as desktop wallpapers. Relax and get great pleasure

IVue FE  v.1.0

2am Solutions proudly presents iVue Professional. iVue is the Internets newest and easiest application for image viewing and translation. With iVue you can view all of the Internets popular file formats, translate them, rotate them and copy them to

Windows Ultimate Wallpaper - Start

The Windows Ultimate Wallpaper - Start brings to your desktop the Windows Vista Start button with Ultimate styling. The dazzling light glows through the button, lighting it with a soft glow. - First wallpaper: 24" widescreen edition (1920x1200

Windows Ultimate Wallpaper - Strands

Windows Ultimate Wallpaper - Strands - An Ultimate-centric wallpaper showing off the "strands." Just like the ones you see on the Ultimate box you have displayed on your mantel, and that grace the front page of the windowsultimate website. - First

Chameleon Wallpaper Changer  v.0.9.1

Chameleon Wallpaper Changer is a basic wallpaper changing utility for Windows.

ABs Wallpaper Tray  v.1.7

ABs Wallpaper Tray 1.7 is an effective program built to manage and automatically change your desktop wallpaper at predetermined intervals and on windows startup.The program starts with windows and places an icon in the notification area allowing you

OneClick Wallpaper  v.1.2

Each day, six original and free wallpapers with just one click ! OneClick Wallpaper installs an icon in Windows Taskbar : one left click on it open the OneClick Wallpaper web page with the six wallpapers of the day. Full install and uninstall

Wallpaper Randomizer  v.0.35

Wallpaper Randomizer is a small system tray wallpaper changer. It lets you: * See a differentwallpaper whenever you start Windows. * Change wallpaper on regular intervals. * Change wallpaper using a

Hewlett-Packard Wallpaper  v. Rev. A

This package adds HP Wallpaper options

EvJO Wallpaper Changer  v.1.4

"EvJO Wallpaper Changer" is a wallpaper manager that can change your background images at every startup, once a day or at regular time intervals. It features JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP support.

Easy Wallpaper Changer  v.2.0

Easy Wallpaper Changer allows you to install and change wallpaper quickly and easily. This tiny program in a system tray lets you change the wallpaper in a couple of clicks.

ANT 4 Wallpaper of the Day  v.0.91

Select new wallpaper images for your Windows desktop form a list of current top images. Install your new wallpaper with a single click. Based on Flickr's webservice, you'll have hundreds of top quality wallpapers to choose from every day.

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